Studies in Western Birds

Studies of Western Birds, a monograph series of Western Field Ornithologists, publishes original scholarly contributions to field ornithology from both professionals and amateurs that are too long for inclusion in Western Birds. The region of interest is the Rocky Mountain and Pacific states and provinces, including Alaska and Hawaii, western Texas, northwestern Mexico, and the northeasv tern Pacific Ocean. Subject matter may include studies of distribution and abundance, population dynamics, other aspects of ecology, geographic variation, systematics, life history, migration, behavior, and conservation.

Published Volumes:

Shuford, W. D., and T. Gardali, eds. 2008. California Bird Species of Special Concern: A ranked assessment of species, subspecies, and distinct populations of birds of immediate conservation concern in California. Studies of Western Birds 1. Western Field Ornithologists, Camarillo, California, and California Department of Fish and Game, Sacramento, California.

Sheppard, J. M. 2018. The Biology of a Desert Apparition: LeConteís Thrasher (Toxostoma lecontei). Studies of Western Birds 2. Western Field Ornithologists, Camarillo, California. Click to order.

Shuford, W. D., Gill, R. E., Jr., and Handel, C. M., eds. 2018. Trends and Traditions: Avifaunal Change in Western North America. Studies of Western Birds 3. Western Field Ornithologists, Camarillo, California. Click to order.

Lehman, P. E. 2019. The Birds of Gambell and St. Lawrence Island, Alaska. Studies of Western Birds 4. Western Field Ornithologists, Camarillo, California. Click to order.

WFO is accepting submissions for future monographs.
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