A Peek into Our Member Survey

It’s time to dive into the details of the WFO member survey conducted earlier this year. We launched our inaugural survey to begin to understand our flock better.

First, a big thank-you to the 136 respondents out of our 953 members who took flight with us on this survey. According to the National Association of Nonprofits, our response rate was nicely within the sweet spot of 10–30 percent, proving that our flock is indeed engaged.

So, what did we uncover? Our survey had six sections that explored topics from demographics to conference feedback. Beyond the data points, we discovered some broad themes that resonate within our community. Think science, conservation, increased outreach, and diversity and inclusion.

Our members also came with ideas on how to improve WFO—for instance, by offering science webinars, adding regional birding trips, and increasing outreach to other western ornithological groups. Ideas like these will help make our organization thrive.

Here are some interesting stats about the survey respondents.

  • Two-thirds have been with us for a decade or more. That’s serious dedication.
  • A whopping 43 percent are so committed to WFO that they became Life Members.
  • The favorite membership among 56 percent is Western Birds. If you missed the latest issue, you can find it on the website.
  • Of the Regular Members who took the survey, 97 percent are ready to renew their membership.

As we reflect on the survey findings, it’s heartening to note that 20 percent of our members wouldn’t change anything about WFO, while another 20 percent are singing praises for the Board’s tireless efforts and WFO’s spirit of volunteerism.

So, what’s next? During the Board’s initial strategic planning session, the team closely reviewed the survey feedback. We intend to delve deeper into the results as we continue our strategic planning.

Until then, keep your binoculars handy and your eyes to the skies. There’s a whole world of winged wonders out there waiting to be discovered, and together we’ll soar to new heights!

— Shaun Wilde, Membership Secretary

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