Call for Papers for the 46th Annual Conference of Western Field Ornithologists

Abstracts are being accepted for scientific presentations at our annual conference, September 7–11, 2022, at the Whitney Peak Hotel in Reno, Nevada. Science sessions—perennially one of the highlights of WFO conferences—will be held on the afternoons of September 9 and 10 (Friday and Saturday).

Oral presentations should reflect original research or summarize existing unpublished information, and should be presented in a manner that will interest both serious amateur and professional field ornithologists. All researchers, including students, are encouraged to present.

Talks relating to the following themes are solicited.

  • Status, distribution, migration, and population dynamics of birds
  • Systematics and biogeography of birds
  • Ecology, behavior, and evolution of birds
  • New information on avian field identification problems
  • Science-based conservation and management of birds
  • Techniques for field study of birds, including censusing, monitoring, and other methods; and results of studies applying such techniques

Research described should apply to birds of the WFO region: western North America (from Alaska through Mexico, and the Great Plains to the Pacific coast) and the eastern Pacific Ocean. All talks should identify study objectives, describe methods and data analysis, present results, discuss the significance of the research, and propose future research directions. Oral presentations will be allotted 15 minutes, including 3 minutes for questions and discussion. We expect to have sufficient time in the schedule for 20 presentations.

Please submit an abstract of your presentation electronically to Kimball Garrett at no later than June 15, 2022. Submissions must follow the format below and be in Times New Roman, 10-point font.

YOUR LAST NAME, YOUR FIRST NAME1 and [if applicable] CO-AUTHOR FIRST NAME, CO-AUTHOR LAST NAME2 [all caps]. Title of your talk. 1Your affiliation and/or sponsoring organization(s), if any, complete mailing address; email address [all in italics]. 2Co-author affiliation and/or sponsoring organization(s), if different, complete mailing address, if different; email address [all in italics].

Brief (300-word maximum) summary of the objectives, methods, results, significance, and broader applicability of your study (Times New Roman, 10-point type).

Use superscripts only if co-authors have different contact information. Also, please include a brief (60-word maximum) bio for the presenting author. Presenters need not be members of WFO, but they must register for the conference (at least for one day).

Contact Kimball Garrett with any questions. Information on the conference is available on the WFO website.

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