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Patrons enjoy the same benefits as Life members (a lifetime subscription to Western Birds and early registration for conferences and trips), and invitations to special social events. The minimum donation to become a Patron is $1,500, independent of the donor's membership status. The donation may be directed to any of WFO’s established funds. Click here to start.

We thank the following members, who have generously chosen to support WFO at the Patron level (listed alphabetically, followed by year of investiture):

Larry Allen (2020)
Patricia Bacchetti (2020)
Tom Blackman (2020)
Neil M. and Kathleen Bogue (2020)
Robert Day (2022)
Jon L. Dunn (2008)
Daniel D. Gibson (1999)
Frank and Susan Gilliland (2020)
Alane Gray (2020)
Mary E. Hansen (2024)
W. Edward Harper and Susan Scott (2020)
Karen A. Havlena (2017)
Lena Hayashi (2020)
Cynthia Hudson (2020)

Tony Leonardini (2020)
David and Janice Levasheff (2020)
Ron Mallory (2021)
Andrew Mauro (2020)
Bernie McHugh (2020)
Joseph Morlan (2015)
Edward R. Pandolfino (2017)
James Pea [= “Bicycle-Birder”] (2013)
Kurt and Cindy Radamaker (2021)
W. David Shuford (2007)
Philip Unitt (2017)
Jay Withgott (2017)
Dr. Robert Zirl (2020)
Eastern Sierra Audubon (2022)