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Western Field Ornithologists is an organization of amateur and professional field ornithologists that promotes the study of birds throughout western North America including Hawaii, the northeastern Pacific Ocean, and Western Mexico. The organization strives to increase knowledge, appreciation, and protection of birds and their habitats through annual meetings, field trips, and publications, primarily Western Birds, a quarterly, peer-reviewed journal that focuses on field-oriented descriptive ornithology.

A donation to the WFO Publications Fund will help us expand our offerings, including new books and new titles in our Studies of Western Birds monograph series, while maintaining the high quality of Western Birds and free public access online to its back issues, to The Euphonia, and to other publications.

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A donation to the Michael R. San Miguel Student Scholarship Fund will provide support for young birders to attend the annual WFO conference and to participate in workshops, field trips, a special reception and more.

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You can also donate in general way for the organization to use at its discretion, or you can specify a specific purpose for your donation if it's different from the other options listed on this page. 

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