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Help Match Ron’s Generous Grant

Dear WFO Members:

Late last week I had a conversation with Ron Mallory, a WFO patron and longtime member. You may know Ron from our conferences and/or our field trips and expeditions. He has a keen interest in supporting WFO’s scientific publications and has offered WFO a very generous $50,000 matching grantto the WFO publications fund. The fund supports expanded issues of Western Birds (such as the special issue on California Gnatcatcher, volume 29, #4, 1998) and allows us to produce our special publications. While we have an adequate amount in the publications fund at present, we live in uncertain times and feel we need to respond prudently to this most unexpected and gracious offer. We recently have had a successful fund-raising effort with Birdathon, and it is likely to become our primary means for raising funds for
WFO in the future.  

WFO has now published five special publications, four in Studies of Western Birds, plus Rare Birds of California. We are anticipating publishing the Birds of Inyo County by Tom and Jo Heindel in 2022, a product of decades of work on historical and recent bird records in a county that encompasses both the highest and the lowest points in the continental United States. Two other Studies of Western Birds are under consideration, and more will likely follow; with a robust fund we can welcome these and even additional projects. All publications of WFO are peer-reviewed. Ron is interested in conservation issues, and we believe our publications carry stature and clout with both government agencies and those organizations that develop and advocate
conservation policies. 

WFO makes no profit on these special publications, indeed the membership fee of WFO does not even cover the cost of publishing our quarterly journal, Western Birds. We publish them as a service to researchers and to the ornithological community. The costs of these hard copy publications with color images continue to increase, in some cases alarmingly so (e.g., the cost of paper). 

Our year-end-letter will be mentioning this matching grant offer.  While there is no official start to this effort, we would like to point out that Tuesday, 30 November, will be “giving Tuesday,” so please consider WFO for this matching grant this year. Our efforts to match the challenge will go on well into next year.Donations can be made directly on our website using a credit card. If you pay with a check please note on your donation “Mallory matching contributions.” If you have additional questions, please reach out to me

Many thanks in advance for your assistance, and as always I greatly appreciate the generosity and kindness of WFO members. 


Dunn, WFO President

WFO is a 501c3 organization. Donations are deductible to the full extent of the law. Please consult your tax advisor.