Membership and Giving Update

We have had a busy start of the year and have fully transitioned to our new member and donor software. Thank you all for your patience and support.

Our membership is hovering around 1,000 members. During the last few months, we have experienced a nice upswing in student members with the introduction of a student webinar series, along with a record number of applications for conference scholarships and research grants.

Last fall the WFO Board voted in support of developing a legacy program and the introduction of planned giving. Our legacy program will be called the Xema Society, a name taken from Xema sabini, the Sabine’s Gull, the WFO’s longstanding logo. The program will recognize donors who make a planned gift. Common types of planned gifts include the following.

  • Bequest in a Will or Trust
  • Life Income Gift such as a pooled income fund, a charitable gift annuity, or a charitable remainder trust
  • Gift(s) of special assets (real estate, closely held stock, life insurance, retirement accounts)

Your gift can be in any amount, including a percentage of a particular asset. Details are on the WFO websiteContact me with any questions you have or to learn more about how gift and estate planning can benefit you and birds!

—Shaun Wilde, Treasurer and Membership Secretary

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