Nominations Committee Seeks Individuals to Serve on WFO Board of Directors

The Nominations Committee is soliciting suggestions for nominations for three positions on the WFO Board of Directors that will become open in July 2023 when current Board members Matt Baumann, Wendy Beers, Susan Gilliland, and Andy Mauro retire from the Board. Nominees must be members of WFO, and self-nominations are welcome. Each Board member serves on one or more of the following committees: Publications, Student Programs, Finance, Fundraising and Outreach, Conservation and Science Policy, Field Trips, Meetings, and Awards, as well as ad hoc committees. In addition to assuming a planning, policy-making, and oversight role, Board members are involved in organizing and conducting the annual conference.

The term for two of the positions is for three years, and those newly elected Board members are eligible for a second three-year term. The third position would be to fill a vacant second three-year term. The Board meets three or four times a year by teleconference or Zoom and in person at the annual conference. Board members are expected to attend the annual conference. We seek hardworking, engaged members. Being a Board member represents a significant commitment of time and energy, and prospective Board members should be dedicated to helping maintain and grow all of our programs, including the publication of Western Birds.

Nominations are welcome at any time, but the committee seeks to establish a slate of candidates by June 1, 2023. Members interested in proposing a nominee to serve on the Board may contact John Harris, chair of the Nominations Committee.

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  1. I was on the Board several years ago. and last year just wrapped up being Prez of Arizona Field Ornithologists for 4 years. 🙂

    I’ll be in Colorado.