Field List of California Birds

The Official Checklist of the California Bird Records Committee
There are three ways to get the Field List of California Birds:

(1) Purchase hard copies of the List. WFO currently has the list that was updated in February 2020. These hard copies are printed on card stock and are durable for use in the field. The checklist can be purchased for $3 each, or 10 for $25. Please order below.


(2) Download the free PDF and create your own field checklist. We will update the PDF that is available for download periodically as the CBRC accepts additional records. Click here to download the PDF.

How to make a checklist: The PDF is formatted so that one can make a checklist identical to the hard copies we're selling (in terms of size and layout) by:
(a) Printing out the file double-sided
(b) Trimming 1.2 inches off the bottom, left, and right margins
(c) Folding it over and stapling it in the middle

(3) View the list on the California Bird Records Committee website. This is always the most up-to-date version, as it is updated continuously as the CBRC accepts new records. It is not formatted in a way that allows you to make a field-friendly checklist easily, but the list can be printed from the CBRC webpage, and that page also provides a link to a plain text version that can be imported into a spreadsheet if you want to format the list in a way that works for you.