eWestern Birds

The Quarterly Journal of Western Field Ornithologists

Vol. 32, No. 1
March 2001
Western Field Ornithologists

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Historical Changes in the Abundance and Distribution of the American Avocet at the Northern Limit of its Winter Range
Mark A. Colwell, Tamar Danufsky, Ryan L. Mathis, Stanley W. Harris

Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 1998 Records
Richard A. Erickson, Robert A. Hamilton

Arizona Bird Committee Report: 1996–1999
Gary H. Rosenberg

Recolonization of the Flicker and Other Notes from Isla Guadalupe, Mexico
Paul R. Sweet, George F. Barrowclough, John T. Klicka, Liliana Montañez-Godoy, Patricia Escalante-Pliego

Featured Photo
Steve N. G. Howell

Book Reviews
Birds of North America
Steve N. G. Howell
The Sibley Guide to Birds
Robert A. Hamilton


Orange Bishops Breeding in Phoenix, Arizona
Thomas A. Gatz

Breeding-Season Home Ranges of Spotted Owls in the San Bernardino Mountains, California
Guthrie S. Zimmerman, William S. Lahaye, R. J. Gutiérrez

First Report of the Gray Heron in the United States
Kenneth M. Burton, Sean D. Smith

Cloacal Inspection or Pecking in Allen's Hummingbird
Janet L. Leonard

Cover photo by © Brian E. Small of Los Angeles, California: Nutting Flycatcher (Myiarchus nuttino), Mason Regional Park, Irvine, California, January, 2001. If accepted, this will be the first record of Nutting's Flycatcher for the State of California.