eWestern Birds

The Quarterly Journal of Western Field Ornithologists

Vol. 37, No. 4
December 2006
Western Field Ornithologists

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Seabirds in the Northern Gulf of Alaska and Adjacent Waters, October to May
Robert H. Day

Autumn Landbird Communities in the Boise Foothills and Owyhee Mountains of Southwestern Idaho
Jay D. Carlisle, Charles H. Trost, Sarah L. Stock, and Gregory S. Kaltenecker

Expansion of the Breeding Range of the Hooded Merganser within California
Edward R. Pandolfino, Jeremy Kwolek, and Kim Kreitinger


Book Reviews
Peter Pyle and Steve N. G. Howell

Featured Photo: Primary Molt in the Black-footed Albatross
Steve N. G. Howell

Reply to Howell on Primary Molt in Albatrosses
Sievert Rohwer and Ann E. Edwards

Front cover photo by © Bob Steele of Inyokern, California: Upland Sandpiper (Bartramia longicauda), Galileo Hill, Kern County, California, 4 June 2006.

Back cover “Featured Photos” by © Carol Keiper of Benicia, California: Wings of Black-footed Albatrosses (Phoebastria nigripes), July 2005.