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The Quarterly Journal of Western Field Ornithologists

Vol. 50, No. 4
December 2019
Western Field Ornithologists

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Eleventh Report of the Washington Bird Records Committee (2014–2016)
Ryan J. Merrill, Charlie Wright, and Matt Bartels

Spatiotemporal Patterns of the California Spotted Owl’s Territorial Vocalizations
Connor M. Wood, Stephanie M. Schmidt, and M. Zachariah Peery

Acorn Dispersal by California Scrub-Jays in Urban Sacramento, California
Daniel A. Airola

A Quantitative Study of Nasal Bristle Length in the Common and Chihuahuan Ravens
Nathan Pieplow and Andrew Spencer


Peregrine Falcon Delivers Fish to Fledgling in Northern New Mexico
Dale W. Stahlecker, E. Larson Panzy, and Kyle J. Tator

Fatal Interaction of Marbled Godwit with Ribbed Mussel 
Hiram Rafael Moreno-Higareda, Ernesto Campos, Gorgonio Ruiz-Campos, and Horacio de la Cueva

Book Review
Larry W. Allen

Featured Photo: First North American Nests and Eggs of the Little Stint Benjamin J. Lagassé and Timothy G. Baerwald

Thanks to Western Birds’ Reviewers and Associate Editors

Daniel D. Gibson

Front cover photo by © Doug Schurman of Seattle, Washington: Eurasian Hobby (Falco subbuteo) in the Wa’atch River valley, Clallam Co., Washington, 29 October 2014. This Old World falcon occurs casually in Alaska, but elsewhere in western North America it is known only from one sight record at the south end of Vancouver Island and two photo-supported records from Washington, one from Seattle and this one from near the northwest corner of the Olympic Peninsula.

Back cover “Featured Photo” by © Benjamin J. Lagassé of Denver, Colorado: Unmated female Little Stint (Calidris minuta) incubating a clutch of four eggs near Utqiag˙vik (Barrow), Alaska, 1 July 2019, her second clutch of evidently infertile eggs this season—the first nests and eggs of the Little Stint recorded in North America.