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The Quarterly Journal of Western Field Ornithologists

Vol. 52, No. 1
February 2021
Western Field Ornithologists

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The 45th Annual Report of the California Bird Records Committee: 2019 Records
Thomas A. Benson, Deborah J. House, Guy McCaskie,
Alex M. Rinkert, Adam J. Searcy, and Ryan S. Terrill

Sagebrush Soundscapes and the Effects of Gas-Field Sounds on Greater Sage-Grouse
Skip Ambrose, Christine Florian, Justin Olnes,
John MacDonald, and Therese Hartman

The Status of Loons in Idaho
Daniel M. Taylor

Monitoring through Community Science:
Anna’s Hummingbird Winter Range Expansion into Idaho

Jessica J. Pollock, Heidi Ware Carlisle, Heather M. Hayes, and Bryce W. Robinson

Evidence of Brood Parasitism and Quantification of Rangewide Overlap between the Olive Warbler and Brown-headed Cowbird
Jessie L. Williamson and Matthew J. Baumann


First Documentation of Successful Breeding
for the Anna’s Hummingbird in Idaho

Bryce W. Robinson, Jessica J. Pollock, Heidi Ware Carlisle,
Heather M. Hayes, and Janice Engle

Apparent Commensalism of a Red-tailed Hawk and Badger
James W. Cornett

Book Review: Breeding Bird Atlas of Nevada County, California
W. David Shuford

Featured Photo: Do Nutcrackers Use Automobiles as Nutcrackers?
P. Ross Gorman

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Front cover photo by © Larry Sansone of Los Angeles, California: Spotted Redshank, near Ormond Beach, Oxnard, Ventura Co., California, 15 September 2019.

Back cover “Featured Photo” by © P. Ross Gorman of Cody, Wyoming: Clark’s Nutcracker placing a salamander on its back in the middle of an active roadway, 22 April 2019, Yellowstone National Park, Wyoming. Note on both the salamander and the nutcracker the whitish droplets of toxin excreted by the salamander, suggesting that the salamander’s skin had already been pinched or pierced. But the salamander is otherwise intact and actively defending itself.