The Word Is Bird

The Western Field Ornithologists Podcast

Bird is the word. Birders. Birding. Birds.

All are connected—the people driven to explore avian life, their special encounters with birds, and the places that fuel their curiosity.

Over upcoming episodes of The Word Is Bird, you’ll hear young birders tell their stories. They reveal how they got started, their favorite hotspots, and their memorable experiences in the field. Big days. County records. Travels near and far. They pass along ideas you can share with birders of any age. Welcome to WFO’s podcast, and get ready to be inspired by young birders who have discovered a passion for birding.

Episode 1: Young Birder in Yuba: Adventures with Asher Perla
By age 17, Asher Perla has become engaged in many aspects of birding. He has done a big year in Yuba County, California, where he lives. He has become an eBird reviewer and has monitored Purple Martins. Asher talks with Nicholas Earnhart about these activities and others—and the value of building and being part of a birding community.

To learn more about these young birders, read the interview with Asher in the WFO Spring 2023 newsletter and the interview with Nicholas in the Winter 2022 newsletter.