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From time to time, WFO offers extended tours and expeditions, often to international birding sites of special ornithological interest. Some expeditions focus on research while others offer expert leadership and access to places usually inaccessible to the general public.


Cuba’s Western Mountains, Zapata Peninsula, Northern Archipelago, Escambray Valle and Colonial Havana

You are invited on an exclusive, U.S. led and managed authorized birding program to Cuba! The program is managed by the Caribbean Conservation Trust, Inc. (CCT), which is based in Connecticut. In early 2020 CCT staff began their 25th year of managing bird conservation and natural history programs in Cuba. All of our trips are legal for U.S. Citizens. Along with WFO President and Field Trip Committee Chair Kurt Leuschner, our team will include the esteemed Cuban biologist Dr. Luis Diaz, a bilingual Cuban tour leader and local naturalists in 4 different birding regions. They will guide you through some of the best bird habitat in Cuba, the Caribbean’s largest and most ecologically diverse island nation.

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WFO in Tasmania—January 2020

The Western Field Ornithologists were in Tasmania in January 2020 for a 15-day adventure that included four days in the Melbourne area at the end. We focused on seeing as many of the 13 endemic or near-endemic bird species (and many other birds too) as we could, plus marsupials: quoll, wallaby, wombat, kangaroo, Tasmanian devil, monotremes echidna and platypus, and more.

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Tasmania and the Great Ocean Road with Western Field Ornithologists 2020

Tasmanian Australian birds and wildlife seen January 2020 WFO