WFO 2022 Conference

Carpenter Valley, a field trip destination. Photo: Ted Beedy

Join us in Reno, Nevada, September 7–11, for the 46th WFO conference and a belated celebration of WFO’s 50th anniversary. The four-day program includes a variety of workshops, great talks, and field trips to most of the local hotspots in west-central Nevada, Lake Tahoe, and the east-central Sierra Nevada of California. Enjoy spectacular scenery, fine weather, and all the bird highlights of fall migration. (Above: Carpenter Valley, a field trip destination. Photo: Ted Beedy)

When Does Conference Registration Open?

Registration for Patron and Life members starts June 12 at 6 pm. For other WFO members, registration begins June 19 at 6 pm. General registration starts June 26 at 6 pm.

Field Trips

Sabine’s Gull, a fall migrant at reservoirs and lakes. Photo: John Ranlett

When you register, you can choose from among many full-day (Thursday and Sunday) and half-day (Friday and Saturday mornings) trips.

Thursday and Sunday Full-Day Trips
  • Mason Valley/Lahontan Reservoir
  • Lake Tahoe South Shore
  • Alpine County
  • Stillwater National Wildlife Refuge/Carson Lake
  • Topaz Lake/Waler River SRA
  • Sierra Valley/Carpenter Valley
  • Lake Tahoe North Shore/Martis Valley
  • Lahontan Recreation Area/Carson Lake
  • Pyramid Lake/Numana Wetlands
  • Tahoe Meadows/Spooner Lake
  • Carson City Area/Silver Saddle Ranch
  • Boca/Stampede Reservoirs
  • Washoe Lake/Davis Creek Regional Park
  • McCarran Ranch and Vicinity
 Friday and Saturday Half-Day Trips
  • Carson City/Silver Saddle Ranch
  • Washoe Lake/Davis Creek Regional Park
  • Damonte Ranch Wetlands
  • Swan Lake Nature Study Area
  • White’s Canyon Trail (Carson Range)
  • Crystal Peak Park
  • McCarran Ranch
  • Boynton Slough
  • Caughlin Ranch Trail
  • Oxbow Nature Study Area
  • Cottonwood Park/University of Nevada, Reno, Ag Fields
  • Rancho San Raphael Park

Here is a sampling of what you’ll find on the schedule.

  • Jon Dunn discusses shorebird ID in a classroom session on Friday and a field session on Saturday.
  • Nathan Pieplow gives a workshop on recording sound in the field and identifying birds by sound, with a classroom session on Saturday and a field trip on Sunday.
  • Tom Blackman helps you improve your nature photography.
  • Bryce Robinson offers Illustrating Birds—From the Field to the Studio.
  • Mario Cordoba talks about the diversity and ecology of birds in Costa Rica, a great introduction to tropical ecology and birding.
Saturday Banquet and Keynote

Rodney Siegel, Executive Director of the Institute for Bird Populations, discusses the institute’s work in documenting changing bird populations in the national parks of the Sierra Nevada.

Science Sessions and Plenary Address

Elisabeth Ammon, Executive Director of the Great Basin Bird Observatory, kicks off these sessions, held Friday and Saturday afternoons, with a talk on the status and conservation of Great Basin birds and the role of community science in monitoring and planning for conservation.

Williamson’s Sapsucker, a Sierra Nevada specialty at high altitudes. Photo: John Harris

Photo ID and Bird Sound Challenge

As always, we offer this popular event at the end of the Science Sessions.

Venue and Accommodations

The conference will be held at the Whitney Peak Hotel, Reno’s only non-smoking, non-gaming conference venue! We have negotiated a WFO conference rate of $129 per night (plus tax). These discounted rooms are limited in number but some may still be available.

The following link goes to a reservation page specifically for our conference and the period for which we have a room block discount: WFO-2022 Conference-Room Block. If you do not find the correct room rate, enter this code and update the results: WFO2022.

To make your reservation on the general hotel website,, enter the discount code WFO2022. You may also call 775-398-5400 and ask for the WFO Annual Conference Room Block. If you plan to extend your stay before or after the September 7–11 dates, you will need to make your reservation by calling the hotel directly.

 Thursday field trips leave early in the morning. If you plan to take one of these trips, you will need to start your reservation on the night of Wednesday, September 7. Conference check-in will open at 3 pm on Wednesday. Sunday trips may return as late as 5 pm, so keep that in mind in case you need to stay over Sunday night.

We hope to see many of you in Reno!

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    1. Hi Pamela–I’m the eNews editor. I don’t know the answer to your question, but I will find out from the board members organizing the conference. I don’t think there is a requirement for attendance and probably not at the venue.–Judith

      1. I am also wondering as the WOS Conference in Washington State is not allowing me to attend. Please post the answer publicly. Thanks.

        1. Hi Joanne–I am the eNews editor. I think you are asking about Covid policy. I responded privately to the first comment above. WFO, whose board just met last week to discuss the issue, will not require vaccinations for the September conference. Masks will not be required but will be recommended. I looked up the WOS conference, which is requiring vaccination, so I now understand the context for your question. Keep in mind that field trips will be carpools, so you will be in a vehicle with others. Let me know if you need more information–Judith

  1. I just renewed my membership. I don’t see where I am suppose to register for the conference. Only see links for room reservation. Thanks for any guidance.

    1. Hi Antoinette,

      I’m the newsletter editor and am happy to hear that you renewed. You will be able to register next Sunday, June 19, starting at 6 pm. You will get an invitation from a program called Cvent. In the meantime, you’ll want to check out the schedules for the workshops and field trips. You’ll find these on the website:

      Let me know if you have any other questions.


        1. Jennifer–I am the eNews editor. I forwarded your question to Diane Rose, board member who manages the system that sends the invitation to register. She may have emailed you by not.–Judith

    1. Hi Nicole–I’m the eNews editor and just saw your question. Registration for the conference opens at different times depending if you are a member. Are you a WFO member? Let me know and I can tell you when you can register.–Judith

    2. Hi Nicole–

      You will want to go to the conference page on the website and check out the schedules for the conference, which include the workshops and field trips. Here’s the link:

      If you are not a member, you’ll see at the top of the page that registration starts June 26 at 6 pm. At that time, the home page of the website will have a registration button.

      I hope this information helps.


      1. Hi Judith — I renewed my WFO membership on June 4 and got a confirmation of that. However, I did not get Friday’s e-mail update about registration and I’m worried I won’t get this evening’s e-mail. Any suggestions? -Ann Dewart

        1. Hi Ann–I forwarded your question to Diane Rose, board member who manages the statement that sends the invitations to register. She should be in touch with you. Did you check your spam folder?–Judith

          1. Hi, Judith-
            I renewed my WFO membership for three years but cannot find a way to register for the conference. There is no link on the WFO conf. web page nor did I receive any email with a link. Help- thank you!

          2. Hi Pat–I am forwarding your message to the board member who handles the registration system. She will tackle the problem. In the meantime, be sure to check your spam/junk folder just in case.–Judith

  2. I signed up for membership and received an email from Shaun stating that I am now a member, but I cannot find a link on your conference page to register. Please advise.