WFO Student Conference Scholars

We are delighted to announce the 2022 Student Scholars for the WFO conference in Reno. The Student Programs Committee thanks all who have contributed over the years to build the programs of our Student Programs Committee. Major contributors have included Pasadena Audubon Society and Sierra Foothills Audubon Society.

Student Scholars will attend field trips during the conference, so please be sure to say hello and get to know these future ornithologists! The scholarship program supports registration and hotel costs, and provides a special field trip and scholars reception.

Nicholas Earnhart began being interested in birds while a middle school student in Costa Mesa, California. A member of the Sea and Sage Audubon Junior Naturalists program, Nicholas designed a survey to evaluate human-shorebird interactions at local beaches.

Katherine Larson is a student at Cal Poly Humboldt, where she is a major in Wildlife Conservation and Management. This summer, Katherine is working on a research project using banding station data to document migratory phenology of birds in coastal Northern California and Oregon.

Ellen Liu is a high school student in Irvine, California. After discovering her interest in birds in middle school, she formed an Ornithology Club at her high school, then organized a volunteer effort to link high school students to a Tree Swallow nest box research project at nearby San Joaquin Sanctuary.

Yating (Bella) Liu, a high school student in Fullerton, California, is a member of the Sea and Sage Audubon Junior Naturalists program. This summer Bella will be doing a research internship at the Yeh Lab at UCLA, where she will investigate the adaptation of Dark-eyed Juncos to urban environments.

Santiago Lupi is a high school student in Goleta, California. Active in Santa Barbara Audubon Society, he helps lead a group with the Winter Bird Count for Kids and participates in local Christmas Bird Counts. Santiago is a member of the California Young Birders’ Club.

Asher Perla is a high school student in Oregon House, California. An avid eBirder, Asher leads bird walks in his local community, conducts research on Purple Martin breeding, and holds the Yuba County Big Day record.

Lara Tseng is a student at Cal State Los Angeles, where she is a biology major with an emphasis in ecology, evolution, and environment, and a minor in bioinformatics. Lara recently published a paper on the timing of calcium consumption by Western Bluebirds.

— John Harris and Wendy Beers
Student Programs Co-chairs

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  1. Looks like SoCal is well represented. Got to get the word out to those kids in the other states that WFO represents.