WFO Welcomes Lynette Williams Duman to the Board

Lynette Williams Duman at the 2023 Central Valley Bird Symposium, Stockton, California.

Lynette Williams Duman, who joined the Board in late 2023, is working on her PhD in ecology at UC Davis. Her focus is on studying the shifting food-web dynamics of tidal restorations in the Suisun Marsh. For the first chapter of her thesis, she is conducting extensive waterbird foraging surveys in tidal wetlands and adjacent managed wetlands to describe how community composition can be expected to shift when uninhibited tidal action is restored. Also passionate about fisheries science, Lynette is incorporating that discipline into subsequent chapters, including a complete aquatic survey documenting succession in a recently constructed tidal wetland.

Originally from Santa Cruz, Lynette has been interested in birds since an assignment in her ninth-grade biology class got her hooked. Following the momentum of casually birding anywhere she could walk to and voraciously reading field guides, she attended UC Davis for her undergraduate work, majoring in wildlife, fish, and conservation biology and minoring in history. While an undergrad at Davis, Lynette worked in the Museum of Wildlife and Fish Biology as an avian surveyor and study skin preparator.

Lynette Williams Duman pictured with an Asian Green Bee-Eater during bird surveys in Cambodia in 2019.

In her senior year she met Konshau Duman, and they both started taking birding more seriously by keeping life lists with a particular emphasis on Yolo County, California, and chasing state-level rarities. After graduating, Lynette worked as an environmental educator in Solano County for a year, then spent the next three years working seasonal bird field technician jobs across the western US. These included Yellow-billed Cuckoo surveys along the Colorado River, shorebird and waterfowl surveys in the Sacramento Valley, and riparian bird surveys on the Missouri River.

On March 16, Lynette will give a presentation about her graduate work and areas of research as part of WFO’s Zoom programs for young birders.

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