45th Annual WFO Conference

Reno, Nevada | September 7–11, 2022

Each year WFO holds a multi-day conference with scientific papers, field trips, workshops, panels, a keynote address, the annual membership meeting, and other events. The location varies each year as WFO attempts to span its region of coverage while also making its conferences accessible to the bulk of its members.

45th Annual Conference

With regret, the Board decided unanimously to cancel our conference for 2021. The slow rollout of the vaccine—and remaining uncertainties about whether all, especially the young, can get vaccinated in time for the conference—caused us to cancel. There is also much uncertainty about the various mutations associated with the virus. We had to make a decision one way or the other by 20 March, and that deadline was just too soon for us to go ahead and feel safe. 
Instead, the Board will start planning now for a virtual conference, something that many organizations will be doing this year. Stay tuned for the dates and the activities planned. 
By 2022 we hope that vaccines will be available to all and it will be safe to hold an in-person conference. So, yet again, we have scheduled for Reno, 7–11 September 2022.

Jon Dunn