45th Annual WFO Conference

Virtual conference | August 26–29, 2021

Each year WFO holds a multi-day conference with scientific papers, field trips, workshops, panels, a keynote address, the annual membership meeting, and other events. The location varies each year as WFO attempts to span its region of coverage while also making its conferences accessible to the bulk of its members.

45th Annual Conference
Virtual Conference, August 26–29, 2021


The 45th annual conference of Western Field Ornithologists will take place with a virtual format. This format provides an opportunity to have speakers on a variety of topics while retaining some of the familiar elements of our in-person conferences. Each day of the virtual conference will feature 2–3 talks, a workshop, and two one-hour science sessions. Each science session will have three talks about research on the field biology of birds in the WFO region. The final schedule for the science sessions will be available before the conference.

  • A partial list of speakers includes: Morgan Tingley on Changing Fire Impacts on California Birds, Helen Loffland on Birds, Bees and Meadow Restoration, Bob Gill on Mountain Breeding Surfbirds and Wandering Tattlers, Anu Kramer on Fire and Spotted Owls, Jon Dunn and Alex Cho on the Tule Goose, Alex Cho and Aaron Gomperts on Basics of Bird Photography, Phil Unitt on the San Diego Natural History Museum’s Ornithology Collections, Lee Tibbitts on Buff-breasted Sandpiper Long Distance Migration, Christian Cooper, and Tom Hahn.
  • Workshops this year will feature Field Sketching with Bryce Robinson, iNaturalist with Hannah Floyd, Sound Identification with Nathan Pieplow, and Shorebird Identification with Jon Dunn.
  • Our ever-popular Photo ID panel with Ed Harper and Sound ID Challenge with Nathan Pieplow will be part of the conference.

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